How to use Ninject with FluentScheduler

Today i struggled a little with using Ninject with FluentScheduler.I wanted to have unique repositories and dispose behaviour between jobs to not strain memory of the application. I tried to find sophisticated solution to this problem by trying to find good scope to use InScope method from Ninject. At last I found out that it […]

How to copy assembly from GAC

I’ve just ran into simple problem.  I wanted to decompile Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms.dll to know how one particular method works.  I needed to copy that assembly to some other place and I had a little problem with obtaining .dll from GAC. Let’s see the problem and solution.


jQuery does have nice function for getting JSON data from server by GET request : jquery.getJSON. But there is no function to make request for JSON data by POST request. If you would like to have analogic functionality like getJSON but with POST requests then you can download my npm package post-json-for-jquery .

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